Raleigh Falls / Voltzberg Nature Reserve

Raleigh Falls / Voltzberg
Nature Reserve
Duration : Four days
Tour dates:
Transport Bus, Korjaal (boat / dug-out)
Pax 6-14
Price p.p. from € 360.-


Tour information

The Raleigh Falls -Voltzberg Nature Reserve is situated on the upper Coppename River. It was established in 1961 and enlarged in 1986. It became part of the biggest Nature Reserve in Suriname and probably the biggest of South America, the Central Suriname Nature Reserve, measured approximately 1.3 million hectare and established in 1998. Its headquarters is on Foengoe Island, which could be reach by a fifty-minute flight from Paramaribo. A more adventurous possibility consist a 4-5 hours 120-mile drive over Red Bauxite road through the savanna and high tropical rainforest to Witagron, a Kwinti village, followed by a three hour boat tour upstream the Coppename River.

Foengoe Island is well known by bird watchers as Bird Paradise. Occasional sand beaches along the river allow sunbathing, or after a hike, you may refresh yourself under the Manari (Curtain) waterfall. Raleighvallen host all the eight Monkey species, including the Red Howler and the Black Spider Monkey, which could often be seen and heard. The main feature is the sturdy walk to the 245 m high granite mountain, the Voltzberg.

The surrounding slopes and granite plateaus are veritable natural rock gardens of rare orchids, cacti and bromeliads. This mountain is home to the spectacular Cock of the rock. Its possible to sometimes view their territory during the mating season from January to March.

In a balanced tour by bus, boat and/or plane we visit the Raleigh Falls Nature Reserve enjoying the hikes, rapids, Curtain waterfall and the undisturbed flora and fauna. Depending on weather condition and transport on the first and last day, the daily scheduled is changed. For those who cannot go along on the one-day hike to the Voltzberg, there is a lot more interesting to do, keeping yourself busy.


Tour Schema

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Day 1

Early departure from the office in Paramaribo, for a 4-5 hours adventurous bus tour through savanna and tropical rainforest to Witagron, a small Kwinti village on the east bank of the Coppename river. We get into a korjaal with the Kwinti boatmen, who will bring us in a fascinating guiding, save through the hundreds of rock we can see above the surface of the river, and the thousands we can't spot on the route, to Foengoe Island. When we arrived after this long but beautiful day, we make ourselves home. After a tasty dinner we get information of the days ahead, the Kwinti tribe, the area itself and a lot more..

Day 2

We start this day with an early breakfast. Today will be a challenge to climb up the Voltzberg. It is a sturdy one-day hike through different beautiful eco-systems including creek forest, rock vegetation and high dry land tropical rainforest. Be quiet on the hike and follow the instructions of the guide, because you often see monkeys and other animals. If possible, go for the 245 m high top, for the unforgettable view of the emerald green surrounding. The Manari fall will take away tiredness after the walk, and a delicious meal will make you to never forget this day.

Day 3

After breakfast we have a short boat trip to begin a 3-4 hour easy hike to the main Moedervallen. We visit the Manari waterfall for a massage again. After lunch you can choose for a one-hour easy educational walk on the island or getting the afternoon free. We spent the night together around a B.B.Q. if it doesn't rains.

Day 4

Depending on the flight scheduled we will leave by plane from Foengoe island to Paramaribo. The morning is free and we can prepare for a cultural shock when flying back to Paramaribo after being in the heart of pure nature.

The first and last day can be changed in flying in by plane and coming back by boat and bus. Departure from Paramaribo will start at Zorg en Hoop airstrip for interior flights, and the last day we arrived at the office. We will do whatever is written in the program above, but it will be in a different following.