Commewijne Plantation Bike Tour / Boat Trip

Time : 1 of 2 days van 8.00 a.m. - 18.00 p.m.
Transport : Bike or Boat
Participants: 4 - 14
Pax 5 - 14
€ 65 .- Price p.p. 1 day -Peperpot Bike tour
€ 185.- Price p.p. 2 days - Commewijne Plantation Bike Tour
€ 70.- Price p.p. 1 day -  Commewijne Plantation Boat Tour


Tour informatie

Those who engrave in Commewijne's history soon have the feeling that the written history of Suriname - starting from the "discovery" in 1499 - begins here. Many remains from the distant past have been well preserved here and in many places the time seems to have stood still. With some fantasy, Commewijne can revive and experience the history of Suriname with all the joy and sorrow of the people who used to live and worked there.

For an unforgettable and well-groomed bike ride through the countryside accompanied by an experienced guide. We drive through the various commewijne polders, through beautiful natural history scenery and pass the various plantations that still dominate the ancient atmosphere of the 18th and 19th centuries. Fort Nieuw Amsterdam served to protect Commewijne and the surrounding area. This does not create astonishment Commewijne was the most productive agricultural area in its glory years. Some remains of ancient plantation houses have remained beautifully preserved over the centuries; some are still inhabited. The many channels and old locks we pass are the quiet witnesses of the dynamic past in Commewijne. Come and experience the above activities and the diversity of the different Surinam cultures on the bike and make them a unique experience. The cycling tour is mainly about paved roads. The right bank of the Commewijne river is not asphalted, making cycling ideal.

CARDY Commewijne Plantage Bicycle Tour guides you in a professional way through our once-prosperous plantation area, giving you an understanding and appreciation for this beautiful natural history area. During the tour we also stop for a delicious Surinamese meal.

Included in the tour:
 a comfortable bike;
 comprehensive information of the guide;
 free use of a raincoat;
 boat transport tickets;
 coffee break: coffee / tea / sandwiches / snacks
 Fresh fruits and Non - alcoholic drinks (water, Fresh juice)

What to bring:
 running walking shoes;
 light-seated clothing;
 cap / hat;
 sunscreen / lotion;
 a small backpack;
 a raincoat;
 antifungal lotion;
 camera