Kasikasima and Palumeu

The Kasikasima tour is an ideal trip for true avenues and nature lovers who love a challenge. The starting point is Palumeu, a jungle resort, along the Upper Tapanahony River, near an Amerindian village of the same name.

Price: 5 and 8 day, on request)

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The flight to Kasikasima

The flight to Palumeu takes you from Zorg en Hoop airport in Paramaribo over the Suriname River basin. On a clear day, you can see the following within 5 minutes: - On the left, the aluminum company at Paranam - After that, you fly over the Johan Adolf Pengel international airport, popularly called 'Zanderij'. - Next, you see the enormous Brokopondo hydro-lake beneath (approx.1,600 km2), as well as Brownsberg Nature Park. The 'gaps' in the rainforest are the result of gold panning activities. - South of the hydro-lake, along the Upper Suriname River, lie several Saramaccan villages. The airstrips at Laduani, Botopasi and Dyumu respectively, are easily spotted from the air. - The last 10 minutes of the flight, the Suriname River gets out of view. Now you can see mountain tops of which the pointed Roosevelt peak (on your left side) is most remarkable. Just before landing, you can see the goal of your trip southwards in front of you: the immense Mount Kasikasima.

The location of Palumeu & Kasikasima

The impressive and mysterious Mount Kasikasima lies in a straight line, at a distance of 65 km from Palumeu. This Amerindian village lies at the begin- ning of the Tapanahony River at the confluence of the Palumeu and Upper Tapanahony River. In the rainy season, the water can reach a height of almost 6 meters compared to the dry season. Palumeu lies 170 meters above sea level. The Tapanahony river flows north-eastwards and 175 kilometers further on, merges with the Lawa river into the Marowijne river. This river forms the natural border with French Guiana. Another 135 kilometers northwards, the Marowijne River flows into the Atlantic Ocean, past the border village Albina. By dug-out canoe (with outboard engine) the trips takes 8 to 12 days from Albina to Palumeu. Especially at low water, the numerous large rapids are difficult to cross. The flight from Paramaribo to Palumeu with METS, in 65 minutes, can therefore indeed be called a luxury! From Palumeu, the trip by dug-out canoe to Mount Kasikasima takes two days.


Participants on the Kasikasima tour, stay overnight at Palumeu at the Kasikasima lodge. Five bedrooms under one roof with single and double beds and shared toilet and shower facilities. At night, lighting is provided by solar power here while at the Kasikasima camps kerosene lamps are used. The separate jungle lodges are the overnight stay facilities of the Palumeu tour guests. All meals are prepared by local cooks and served in the traditionally built dining room. You can also relax in the cozy jungle barlounge. Underway to Mount Kasikasima by dug-out canoe and at the base camp, you will sleep in covered jungle hammock camps.

The activities during the expedition

Upon arrival at Palumeu, you start your trip with a picnic lunch and first visit to the village. At night, after preparatory information within the group, you can enjoy a good night's rest on beds. The last on a bed this week since you will participate in an adventu-rous trip where you will sleep in hammocks. The following morning, all necessities are carefully loaded and you start your trip to Kama- kabari intermediate camp. Late afternoon, arrival at the camp for overnight stay. Here you can relax in the river, tie up your ham- mocks for the night and after the evening meal you will experience your first 'jungle sleep' with the roar of the red howler monkeys. The second phase to the base camp Sawaniboto, is a lot heavier. You will encounter one of the large rapids, the untamable Trom- baka. Here, we cross over into another boat with all goods and baggage after which the trip is continued. Underway, Mount Kasikasima beautifully appears in sight for a few moments. Upon arrival at the base camp near the impressive Sawaniboto rapid at the foot of the mountain, you will have already become quite familiar with the routine of the trip. Discussion of program and getting ready for the night whilst dinner is prepared. The climax of the trip, the climb to one of the tops, demands a lot from your physical condition. But this (literal) highpoint is definitely worth the effort. The Amerindian people have a lot of respect for this place which plays a predominant role in many of their mystical tales. Once on the plateau, you will understand why. Apart from the breath-taking view over the rainforest, you can also see as far as Brazilian border. The remaining part of the program takes you via an interesting jungle hike with information on the tropical flora, to the Mankodebaku rapid, a true water spectacle. We also visit the small Amerindian camp, a little further on, if the families living there are present. After dinner we take you on a boat trip to listen to the forest sounds at night. The coffee tour in the early morning will give you an impression of the awaking of the tropical rainforest. Opportunity to peddle in a dug-out canoe, traditional bow and arrow shooting, fishing, spotting birds, are all possible during this trip. After arrival at Palumeu, you have sufficient opportunity to share all your experiences during a pleasant gathering at the cozy bar. The following morning, you go for a walk in the village with opportunity to purchase souvenirs. After an early lunch, return flight to Paramaribo. A shorter version of the Kasikasima tour is possible in 5 days (4 nights), always from Monday to Friday.

Palumeu village

Palumeu village has approx. 300 inhabitants, the Amerindians. Despite their difference in language, the two tribes, the Trio and Wajana, live peacefully together in this village, which is governed by a Captain and a few assistants (basja's). Just like their ancestors, the villagers' means of sustaining life is based on what the jungle has to offer. Their food is obtained from hunting, fishing and agriculture (agricultural plots) and consists of root vegetables, fruit, fish and animals. Greens are not on the Amerindian menu while manioc is their main food. Many building materials and utensils are still obtained from the forest. In addition, the local people nowadays also buy many items in Paramaribo such as kitchenware, clothing, tools, music, outboard engines, fuel etc. Tourism provides them with an extra source of income. The villagers are happy with our guests and are closely involved in the tour program. The village has its own school and medical centre.

What to take along
2 shirts (with long sleeves), 2 long trousers, T-shirts, short trou- sers, socks, a raincoat, cap or sun hat, swimwear, toiletries (soap/ toothbrush/toothpaste etc), sun block, insect repellent, watershoes, sturdy hiking shoes (with grip sole), flipflops, photo/film camera and extra fully loaded battery, headlamp, binoculars, flashlight, sun- glasses, small backpack, malaria prophylaxis, ID/travel documents. Surinamese cash (small bank notes) for purchase of local handmade souvenirs and/or to settle your bar consumption bill.

Your luggage
For Kasikasima, the maximum luggage is 10 kg. For transportation it is most handy to take along a waterproof bag. You can leave your luggage and other valuables such as jewelry, in Paramaribo. Taking photos/filming Due to privacy reasons, prior approval must be obtained for taking photos/filming of the local inhabitants and their belongings. Always consult your guide first. Smoking policy Smoking is allowed in the smoking areas at the jungle lodge. Ciga- rettes are not available at the jungle lodge so take along a sufficient supply. The social functions of METS You can, if you wish to do so, support the development of the village community via various projects. In the village, for example, there is a need for material and financial support for the school. Contact METS to get information about these options. The Tukui Palumeu Founda- tion sees to the interest of the villagers and functions as intermediary between METS and the local community. When booking a tour at the METS, you already support the further development of the local community.

nature of the tour
This tour is suitable for all those who love adventure and who wish to learn more about the pristine tropical Amazon rainforest, the current lifestyle of the original inhabitants, the Amerindians, and enjoy the beautiful, untouched nature. The jungle hike and climb to the top on day 4 requires a good physical condition but not necessarily that of an athlete. Due to the adventurous nature of the tour we do not recommend participation of children under 8 years.

Included in the tour
•Breakfast, lunch and dinner, juice or lemonade during the meals, coffee/tea in the morning and also available throughout the day. •The trips as included in the standard program. •A professionally trained, Dutch/English speaking tour guide, often of indigenous descent. •Overnight stay at the group accommodation at Palumeu is based on double occupancy. Do you want a single room? This is possible subject to the availability of rooms and at payment of a single supplement at the time of booking.

•Alcohol and soft drinks. These are available at the bar •Souvenirs •Tour activities not included in the standard tour program •Malaria prophylaxis. Consult your physician. •Transportation to and from airport 'Zorg en Hoop' unless paid for extra at your booking. •Accident and cancellation insurance.

Other information
•Do you have a special diet? Please indicate this immediately at the time of booking in order for us to cater for your requirements. It may not be possible to provide a special diet (or single room) at Palumeu without prior notice. •A sound system is not allowed unless use is made of earphones. •You are not allowed to take plants or animals from the area. •Put your photo/film camera and other valuables safely away in a wa- terproof bag/sack. They can get wet from the journey on the river even if it is not raining. •Travel documents are needed.

Opmerking :Een goede fysieke conditie is vereist voor deze trip. Raadpleeg uw arts vroegtijdig


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