Danpaati, "Island of the village of Dan", is hidden between the rapids of the Amazon rainforest, centrally located in the Saramacca tribe area, a maroon community with the ancient authentic African living and living style.

Price: € 380.- ( 3 days)

Price: € 445.- ( 4 days)

Price: € 515.- ( 5 days)


The Location

Danpaati, "island village Dan", hidden between the rapids in the Amazon rain forest, centrally located in the area of Sarramaccans,a Maroon community with ancient authentic African living and lifestyle. Danpaarti River Resort carries a health care project in the interior of Suriname. The local population is closely involved in the activities and the development of programs of Danpaati River Lodge. With the proceeds from the lodge will maintain health care in 12 villages. For this purpose also set up a number of micro-economic activities. .

Transportation options
* Over land by bus : Drive 3 hours and after # 2 - 3 hours by outboard motorboat (depending on water level)
* By plane 30 Min. and 10 min. by boat.
* Combined Bus, Boat and Flying

The guest rooms are equipped with 2 x single beds and / or 1x double and 1 single bed. Furthermore, private shower and toilet, balcony and towels. On the island there are several cabanas.

Property amenities
- Cosy recreation room with games, comfortable seating, hammocks, books and well stocked bar.
- Nice dining room
- River Deck
- Swimming pool with couches
- Land Benches with river views and hammocks
- Massage hut
- Paved paths illuminated by the resort
-“ guide book” for people who wants to know more about the flora and fauna in the resort and in the area.
- Corjals (local rowing boats) to explore the river for yourself. There are plenty of possibilities to swim in the river (In the dry season there is also a sandy beach).
-Electricity 120 volt from 18.00 22.00 hours en oil lamps.
-Radio station / Phone to have contact withParamaribo
- 20 minutes away from Danpaati is “Debike” a medical center of Suriname.


The Danpaati residence is in the sign of 'no need, much can.
< " Guests can choose from a number of program elements, including:
A visit to the village with detailed explanations about the culture and living habits of the Saramaccaans Maroon tribe.
Nature Walk in the Amazon jungle with explanations of (medicinal) plants and trees.
Night caiman tour

Local book at:
*(Day excursions) to nearby villages and the "Tapawatra" rapids, nearly 500m wide, at the crossroads of the Pikien Rio and Gran Rio, about a 2 hours fascinating boat trip upstream.
*Visit to the Maroon museum at Pikin Slee discovering ancient authentic African living and lifestyle.

Danpaati River Lodge offers the following extras in addition to the standard program:
• There is a well-stocked bar where there are also wines for sale
• Every morning at sunrise there will be coffee or tea served in the rooms.
• Beautiful wood carvings and traditional textiles for sale
• Learn to fish with local fishing rod
• Paddel yourself in a traditional korjaal through the waves of the river