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Kasikasima expedition in Suriname .

Pure adventurous expedition , deep in the jungle of Suriname, high up in the mountains of the Kasikasimaby Cardy Adventures






Kasikasima Mountain Expedition

Lenght 5 or 8 days
Transport Aircraft, Korjaal (dug-out)
Pax 4 - 8
Overnight In simple camps, sometimes built together. Sleeping in hammocks

Price p.p  US$ 895.- ( 8 days)
US$ 845.- (5 Days)

We offer extra : 1 days free bike rental




First two days
Flying from Paramaribo to Palumeu, a village of two tribes (the Wayana and the Trio) located at two rivers the Upper Tapanahony and the Palumeu.

Thumbnail After meeting the guides and the Chief of the village we get into a korjaal, which is a long small boat, made from tree trunks. We travel for two days over the river. We see numerous rapids along the way. If the water in the river is low, help of the guests is very welcome. With combined strength it is much easier to pull the korjaal over the rapids under the leadership of the boatmen.

Anyway, those who do not help have to step out of the boat. The sandals or water shoes -beach shoes- that you have brought along are now very handy and necessary. We especially need your help when we get to the Tronbaka rapids.
We continue to enter the uninhabited forest. At the end of the second day still rowing on the Palumeu-river, we suddenly see in front of us the fantastic twelve-top granite mountain formation the Kassi-Kassima

We will spend the coming nights in a base camp where is it simply magnificent!


Third day
A substantial breakfast, and then: departure for the mountain. Through the dry forest, over the hills, and through swampy creek bushes we walk to the Kassi-Kassima. It is a stiff journey: the last fifteen minutes we climb to the five hundred meter high lookout point. The shadows in the forest and the creeks help you to relax and catch your breath; and make the journey easier.

At the top you have a magnificent view of mountains that form the boundary in the south. You can imagine yourself to be alone in the world between the vast forests of trees. Back at camp there is nothing better than to be able to relax in the nearby rapids (currents) and afterwards partake in another substantial meal.




Fourth day
Much less exertion than the other days. The guides are up early to fish near the camp. Those who are early risers can go along. After a delicious camp breakfast we walk through the jungle to the upper streams -rapids. It is a beautiful, relaxing walk across level territory.

The thundering rapids form a magnificent tangle, which we follow downstream on our way back to the camp. We have seen an area, which will captivate many adventurers. Of course we will naturally take the opportunity to bathe or swim in the rapids.


Fifth day
(This part of the program is only for an eight day tour and is cancelled (expires) on the tour of seven days) Day of rest. The guides go with the guests who would like to go fishing.



Sixth and seventh day
We row back to Palumeu, we go with the stream. Once again a number of rapids have to be crossed where we need extra muscle strength. The last night we sleep with our hosts in the village.


Eight day
It is possible to purchase souvenirs from the Indians. We prepare for the flight. The aircraft picks us up early afternoon.

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