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Cardy Adventures offers you the possibility to make your holiday in Suriname an unforgettable one. Our tours are designed to make you enjoy the clean, tropical Surinamese nature to the fullest. Besides our well-attended day tours and tours to the interior of Suriname under expert guidance, the so-called All-in tours, we also organize customized tours at your request.

The almost impenetrable tropical rain forest of Suriname with its many rapids and waterfalls and its exotic flora and fauna makes for a magnificently educational holiday in the jungle.Surf through our website for detailed information of all the tours we offer.

For the thrill- seekers and the adventurers there are combinations of vigorous walks through the forest and river trips over fascinating rapids (we call them soelas). The Tapanahony and Palumeu river are particularly suitable for adventures and survivals. Get acquainted with the cultures of our competent Indian and Maroon guides. Experience a unique way of surviving in the jungle.


  • The flights for the Adventure tours are carried out by recognized local airlines. Korjalen (Dugouts) are used for traveling over water. Depending on the size of the group Public transportation or the bus is used for traveling on land. Local guides are always in attendance.

  • Drinking water is always boiled. Also available are special medicines, which are used for purifying water.

  • The length of the boat travel depends on the water level in the river and creeks. The lower the water level increases the length of travel time (the korjaal has to be carried over de rapids). The water level is low during the months October and November. When the dry season is very long the boat trips are cancelled.

  • The Kassi Kassima tour is a minimum of eight (8) days during October and November because of the long dry season of the year.

  • The hammock campsites where we spend the night often have to built or repaired when we arrive. We sleep in hammocks with mosquito nets. Oil lamps and flashlights are used for lighting. A hole made in the ground is used for sanitation, and a shovel is used to close the hole with sand. This is a simple method, but it is absolutely hygienic. The sanitation is done a distance from the campsite and when possible is fenced in with tree trunks and leaves.

  • Depending on the weather, the free evenings are sometimes used for hunting or fishing. This has always been a part of the Amerindian lifestyle. However, hunting is absolutely not done as a sport, just to kill. It is done for food; if there is enough food in the camp, there will be no fishing or hunting. Special diets are not available during the adventure/survival tours.

  • Because the airlines can only take a certain amount of weight, they need to know your exact weight. You are only allowed to take a minimum amount of baggage; the maximum is five (5) Kg. (10 pounds). Be sure that you do not have more than five (5) Kilograms.

  • You need to take with you:
    - Toilet articles (Towel, soap. etc.)
    - Swim/bathing materialsLightweight clothing - including long pants/ shirts with long sleeves
    - Good fitting, sturdy walking shoes.
    - Slippers/water (beach) shoes
    - Bedding - a thin sheet and a small (inflatable) cushion
    - Small backpack for a walk in the jungle
    - Insect repellant (for example 'tropical bush')
    - Raincoat or umbrella
    - Flashlight and extra batteries
    - Camera / with extra rolls of film and battery.
    - Malaria medicine: usually paludrine en nivaquine.
    - For information and acquiring: Bureau Openbare Gezondheidszorg (BOG), located at Rode Kruislaan 15, Paramaribo Tel. 499061

  • Pack your baggage first in plastic, and then in a backpack. Especially cameras and film material should be packed dry. The humidity in the interior of Suriname is very high! Drums made of plastic with a good closing are very handy for packing and transporting baggage. These are available at the butcheries: be sure to clean them well before using, in some cases the organization can provide drums. The drums can also be used for sitting (in korjaal or at the hammock camp). They can also float if they fall overboard.