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Peluwime - Teboe Mountain


Peluwime-Teboe mountain

Duration Four days
Transport Aircraft, Korjaal (dug-out)
Pax 3 - 8
Overnight In simple Amer-Indian camps, sleeping in hammocks
Price p.p Euro 575
First day:
The trips starts from the Zorg and Hoop Airport (used for trips to the interior) in Paramaribo. In a small aircraft in seventy minutes, we passes the areas on the edge of the city, the Brokopondo Hydro dam, and the vast jungle area to the Wayana Indians in Southeast Suriname. The village Peluwime, 300 kilometers from Paramaribo, is layed in the stream area of the Tapanahony river. We make a short walk and greet the captain of the village.

Then : with a korjaal we go to Tutu kampu, a camp which is an hour to row up-stream. Luckily it's not a place especially build for tourists. Because: what is better to be welcomed as an ordinary guest or as a far family member, where there is always place for you in their family camp. In the evening we build our camp, where we'll return after each expedition the following days.

The guide will tell us about ethics and customs of the Indians; we meet with theleaders of the groups.The Indians will provide two areas for us; one in which to cook and the other to hang our hammocks. They carry on with their daily activities: grating cassava, cooking, squeezing the cassava after it is grated and placing the dry powdery stuff on large metal plates to be bake into cassava-bread. They are continuing hunting, fishing, and fetching wood.

Tutu kampu, also called Bamboo camp, is next to a rapid in the Tapanahony River, a whirlpool around the large group of rocks in front. We can bathe and swim in the river. The camp is simply a paradise. Whoever looks down the river will see the Teboe, a huge rock formation of granite reaching 374 meters; many people who see this desire to climb the Teboe. Brilliantly colored Ara -macaws fly in pairs above the treetops. A tropical concert of insects and animals that are active at night, starts in the early evening Beautiful candle-flies with orange and green lights when darkness covers the earth.


Second day:
Whoever wants, can joint the walk to the top of the Teboe. This strenuous walk will take (going and coming) approximately four to five hours. Without the Indian guides we would be completely lost. They find the way in a manner that is impossible for others to follow. A broken branch or piece of a bark from a tree trunk made by other visitors help them determines the way. They also make their own signs along the way to help others, who will come afterwards to find their way. To cross-creeks we balance carefully on fallen tree trunks. Then: the climbing to the top of the Teboe includes climbing over rocks.

An awesome view above the canopy, and the Rosevelt - peak appears .At the top it is brilliant: we see flying birds looking for prey, in the distance hills, and as far as the eye could see the green from the tops of trees.Those who are lucky may see a rainbow. At the top, a simple altar is prepared with empty tins of soda drinks and beer. Those who want to end the day quietly can enjoy the rushing waters of the Granda Foetoe, which is an hour rowing from the camp. Others may go fishing with the Indian guides. The afternoon is free

Third day:
We visits a farming area where the Indians plant and produce, such as cassava. This farming area takes much work and care: trees must be cut down and the ground has to be burned to clear the land. Sowing, weeding, battling with ants who can easily eat all that has been planted; and reaping.
We row on to the Granda Foetoe rapids. Then we walk an hour through different kinds of bush to the
Man-Granda Foetoe, which looks out on the mountain. In the afternoon you are free again to do what you want: read a book in the hammock, go fishing, hunting or fetch wood with the Indians.

Fourth day:
ApetinaLeave for Peluwime. We can purchase traditional articles and souvenirs from the villagers. Everyone shows his wares, there is a large selection from which to choose. This is one way that the Indians can earn some money, since the opportunity to do so is very limited. After a farewell visit to the Chief, we leave by plane back to Paramaribo early in the afternoon.