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Commewijne Plantation Tour

Commewijne plantation sight seeing bike tour or by boat. An impression of the old plantation with their cultural diversity, descendants of the Hindustanis and Javanese ,former contract laborers, and with remains of the historical sluices and houses.


Commewijne Plantation Tour

Duration One or two day(s) from 8.00 a.m. - 18.00 p.m.
Transport Bicycle or Boat
Pax 4 - 14
Pax 5 - 14
Price p.p. 1 day - Euro € 54.-  with the bicycle
Price p.p. 2 days - Euro € 119.- with the bicycle
Price p.p. 1 day - Euro € 55.- with the boat

More historical information of the Commewijne district
Suriname had a plantation economy during the colonial times. Products of the plantations, mainly sugar, cacao, coffee and cotton, were the pillars of the economy. The oldest plantations were located along the upper stream of the Suriname river. But as Paramaribo expanded, increasing use was made of the land closer to town. During the 17th and 18th century the plantations of the Commewijne District were in their full glory. At the end of the 18th century the success of the plantations started to decrease, because of the absence and nonchalance of the owners, together with a market crash, diseases, which affected the cacao and coffee, and the lack of cheap workers. After the abolition of slavery in 1863, the lack of workers became an even bigger problem. The immigration of contract laborers from India and eastern Indonesia could'nt prevent the decline of the plantations neither.

Around 1700, the two most important strongholds of the country were the well-known Fort Zeelandia, which defended Paramaribo, and Fort Sommelsdijck, situated on the tributary of the Cottica and the Commewijne river. To protect the hinterland and to serve as outposts of the fortress Zeelandia, a number of smaller defensive works were constructed forming a defensive unit with Fort New Amsterdam in the mouth of the Suriname river.


Thumbnail The history proper to New Amsterdam starts in December 1734 with the laying of the first stone. It took fifteen years to complete. The fort New Amsterdam is a pentagonal earthen structure with five bastions. The slow and relentless deterioration started shortly after 1828 and it stopped functioning as a defensive stronghold in 1907. The buildings were turned into an administrative center and in 1968 part of it acquired the additional function of an open air museum. The historical buildings that can still be seen today are the powder houses of 1740 and 1778, the former eighteenth century commander's residence, the lock from 1781, the former barracks (erected in 1740, improved in 1782 and for a long period the state prison until 1982) and a few eighteenth and nineteenth century guns. Local fishery, a fish nursery, cattle farm and some small plantations are the main activities nowadays of the Javanese and Hindus, descendants of the contract laborers, in Commewijne.

The important sand beaches (for nesting sea turtles, including the Giant Leatherback ), mudflats, lagoons and other types of wetlands make the Surinamese coast an international significant breeding area for waterfowl. Herons, the Scarlet Ibis, and even some North American migrating waterbirds as the endangered Knot, use the Surinamese coast as their staging and overwintering area. The canals, picturesque floodgates and the remains of old plantation houses, some of which are still inhabited, are the silent witnesses of the dynamic history of the Commewijne District.

CARDY Adventures will take you through the polders of the Commewijne district. In its fascinating surroundings you can experience the age-old plantation atmosphere of the 18th and 19th century and the village activities of the different cultures in Suriname, on a unique guided bicycle- or boat tour.


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- Bike tour 08.00 - 13/14.00 h ( ~ 25 km)

Price p/p : Euro 45 .- incl OB 8 %

Departure Cardy office: 08.00
Route Par’bo – Meerzorg – Peperpot – Meerzorg - Cardy Office
Included Water – juice – fruits, entree and boat tickets (2X)



- Bike tour 08.00 – 17/18.00 h ( ~ 50 Km )
Price p/p : Euro 55.- Incl OB 8%

Route Par’bo – Meerzorg – Jagtlust – Nw.Amsterdam – Alkmaar – Ellen – Marienburg - Nw.Amsterdam – Leonsberg – Office.
Included Breakfast, Coffee ,thee, snacks - water – juice –– fruits – lunch (around 14.00 h at Alkmaar)
– , Fee’s ,Entree en tickets, boat tickets ( 2X)

Self guided Bike tour 2 days . P/p : Euro 50.- (included 3-5 speed bike, Bike bags, route map, Overnight at Fredericks dorp & breakfast.


- Bike tour 2 Days ( ~ 70 Km ) (on request for groups )
Price p/p : Euro 100.- incl. OB 8 %


Day 1: Par’bo –Meerzorg – Jagtlust – Nw.Amsterdam – Marienburg  - Nw.Amsterdam - Marienburg - Fredericksdorp

Day 2: Fredericksdorp Margarita – Marienburg – Ellen –Marienburg (Visit remains Sugarcane Factory) - Nw.Amsterdam – Leonsberg – Office.

Included Breakfast, Coffee ,thee, snacks - water – juice – fruits- lunch ( 14.00 h at Nw. Amsterdam- Overnight at guesthouse Nw.Amsterdam
Day 2 te Alkmaar ) – Entree and tickets

- Commewijne Boat tour from 08.30 ~ 14.00 u (on request for groups)
Price p/p : Euro 45.- incl. OB 8% ( Min. 5 Persons)

Departure By bus from Cardy office to Leonsberg ( 15 Min)
Route Departure from Cardy to Leonsberg. By boat to Margarita , Alkmaar ,and the Openair Museum of Nieuw Amsterdam
Included Boat tickets Coffee ,thee, snacks - water – juice – fruits-, Entree, life vests available.

- Commewijne Boat tour from 08.30 ~ 18/19.00 u
Price p/p : Euro 55.- incl OB 8% (Min 5 Persons )

Departure By bus from Cardy office to Leonsberg( 15 Min.)
Route Departure from Cardy to Leonsberg . By boat Dolphins Spotting in the mouth of Suriname  River ,
Margarita , Alkmaar , Liliendaal and if possible the Open air Museum of New. Amsterdam
Included Breakfast, Coffee ,thee, snacks - water – juice – fruits, Entree, life vests available


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