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Palumeu Jungle Lodge tour in Suriname, Cardy Adventures

Palumeu Jungle Lodge, a Resort near the Wayana and Trio Amer indian village, on the upper-Tapanahony river in prestine Suriname jungle.


Palumeu Jungle Lodge                                        

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Palumeu Jungle Lodge

Duration 4 - 5 days
Transport Aircraft, korjaal, hiking
Pax 4 - 15
Overnight In simple camps, sometimes built together. Sleeping in hammocks

Price p.p US$ 645.-

Bookings: Cornelis Jongbawstraat 31

Call us (597) - 422518 or  (597) - 424505

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Monday till Saturday  8.15 - 17.30 and

Sundays and Holidays 8.30 - 17.00

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We land at Palumeu Jungle Lodge, a Resort near an Amerindian village bearing the same name, lies at the Upper Tapanahony river in the midst of the
Thumbnail Amazon rainforest. It is an ideal holiday-resortfor nature-lovers. The hike to "Poti Hill", from which you will enjoy a unique view on the river, mountain-peaks and canopy of trees of the southern part of Suriname, is a truly memorable experience. In this unspoilt part of the tropical rainforest in which a chorus of birds and howler-monkeys announce daybreak, the impressive rapids, flora and fauna of the Amazon forest and the traditional lifestyle of the upland Amerindian tribes, the Trio and Wajana, will surely fascinate you.

Although the Amerindians live a reserved life and are not very prone to communication with others, because of their century-old lifestyle, they will after some time open up to you as guests. A 4 or 5 day stay among them is, however, also because of the language-barrier, oftentimes too short for close contact with them. The Palumeu tour is ideal for those who wish to experience the Amazon rainforest as the living-environment of the Amerindians, without too much inconvenience.

Palumeu Tour Highlights


  • Trips by dug-out canoe
  • A walk in the forest during which the local guide provides information about the use of medicinal plants




  • A visit to the Mabuka rapids and "Palawa Paw" (Parrot island) for a picnic and to relax in the rapids
  • Swimming, paddling in a dug-out canoe, bow and arrow shooting and fishing (in the traditional manner)


  • A walk through the village with opportunity to purchase Amerindian arts & crafts

This trip is a soft adventure tour, recommended for people who want to enjoy nature in a little comfort and for which less physical action is needed.

  • A climb to "Poti Hill" which offers a unique view of the rivers and mountain tops of southern Suriname






Information on the people of Palumeu

Thumbnail The local people at Palumeu, the Amerindians, live a quiet, peaceful and self-providing life along the streams of the upper Tapanahony river. They are not prone to communication with others. They are nevertheless very hospitable people.

Most Amerindians know Sranang Tongo (the lingua franca of Suriname) apart from their local Amerindian tongue.

Even so, it is not easy to engage them into a pleasant talk. This is the result of their century-old lifestyle but might be experienced by you, as guests, as being reserved. This is, however, not the case at all.

The Amerindian will be less reserved towards you after some time. A four- or five day stay at Palumeu, during a tour, is, however, in most cases to short to accomplish this.

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