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Category C

Euro 7, - per day.

For every 5 days of bike rental,
you get the 5th day for FREE
(Excl. Euro 1.50 cleaning costs).


Brands: European bikes such as

•Sparta etc.


Models: Women’s and Men’s.


Speed: New 5-S bikes (sachs internal speed regulator)
with Shimano or Sram derailleur 18-21 S and 7-S Shimano internal speed regulator.


Brakes: Rim brakes or drum brakes on front and rear


Light: Front and rear on dynamo; Few on a battery (rear)


Locks: Axa frame lock and a 1m chain lock


Accessories: A carrier (Max. 20Kg) with straps

•A bell
•Good tire treads
•A stander
•A pump and repair kit.