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Botopasie Tour


Botopasi Tour

Duration Four days
Transport Bus, Korjaal and Aircraft
Pax 4-8
Price p.p Euro 350

First day
Our destination is the village Botopasi, situated on the upper Suriname River in the expansive habitation of the Saramaccaners.
In four hours time we travel 205 kilometer by bus. We go south, via Paranam ,over the red bauxite Afobaka road to Brownsberg and (over the Atjonieweg) around the Brokopondo lake area. We travel through hilly areas, natural beautiful scenery, adventurous landscape ,passing interesting villages and arrive at the village of Pokigron. Only the first 30 Km of the route has been paved; the rest is (red) bauxite road, which is very dusty during the dry season.


At Pokigron we step into korjalen (dug-outs) with an outboard motor.
These are local made boats, which enable us to go around the many rocks in the rivers. Traveling by boat for three to four hours brings us deeper into the interior. We pass large villages such as Nieuw Aurora, Ladoewanie, Pikin-slee and Goejaba (each has 1000 to 2000 inhabitants). Our goal is Botopasi where there are approximately 800 inhabitants. After walking 10 minutes we reach our campsite Moizoli, where there is an atmosphere of rest and privacy. From this area we can wander to many areas by foot as well by boat. In the evening, after a refreshing swim in the river and a substantial meal, the Chief of the village is informed of our arrival and makes an appointment to meet with us the next day.


Second day
A strong mug of coffee or tea will not be left out on any given day and today is no exception.
We wander throughout the village - an awesome experience -and greet the leaders of the village. After getting acquainted we can move around more freely and prepare ourselves for an interesting and stiff walk of four to five hours. In three different villages along the river, Dibeke, Foetoenakaba en Pikin-slee, we see the daily work of the inhabitants: hulling of rice, preparing peanut, reaping, building boats.
The culture of these friendly and hospitable villagers is to enjoy. How do the inhabitants live and from what do they live?

How did they get here and why? What do they do on a daily basis? The guides or the people themselves will answer all the questions. Apart from everything else, the nature there is much to enjoy. The late afternoon and evening are free, but are often used for a short walk to Botopasi for a chat with the people.

Third day
A day to relax and to enjoy. A short boat trip or a walk brings us to the village Kambaloea further away. In this village the traditional culture can be experienced. Early afternoon we return to the camp, we can fish and learn to row the way the inhabitants do. At the end of the afternoon we say farewell to the Leaders of the village.

Remark: (Observation) This day - for a small fee - can also be filled with a boat trip upstream to the Tapawatra soela (rapids). Along the way we pass many smaller rapids and villages. In the large Tapawatra near Djoemoe we can rest in the strong thundering stream. The price for this part of the program will depend on the amount of people in the group.



Fourth day
We travel back, so pack up and prepare to leave at nine thirty, after breakfast

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